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About Us

Who We Are:

Brushfire Marketing was founded in 2020 as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Its founders, Steve Tomboni, JC Preston, Tim Cooper, and Ben Boutwell, realized businesses were failing in the pandemic adjusted economy due to three main reasons:

  1. Many had not fully embraced online marketing and sales automation processes.
  2. Due to this, they weren't able to fully capitalize on referral networks of synergistic companies like they can in the real world.
  3. And because they were spending all their time on marketing, they had less and less time to actually do the work that fits their why.

In solving this issue for the Wellness Industry, the team soon realized that this could be done for companies across many spectrums.

Our Mission:

Empower businesses around the world with the solutions and tools they need to become a vital part of today's global economy.

Our Vision:

We're building a world where businesses can be more adaptable to an ever increasing rate of economic change - freeing them up to stand out in their industry and do the work that truly matters to them.